Valentine's Day Celebration at Adankolo

On Valentines day, The #HEALteam went into slums of Adankolo in Kogi State to serve pure love to its people.

Our target was the children and women but we were glad that we were able to also reach out to the aged men and youth that also partook of the love fest In total we reached out to over 500 locals in the area.

Branded notebooks, school sandals, socks, pencils, pens were distributed to about 200 kids. They also received chewable deworming tablets)

The widows, married and pregnant women had raw rice, groundnut oil and some other basic cooking ingredient as their take home packages. The young men weren't left out as beneficiaries of the outreach as they got food items to take home too.

Valentine's Day in Adankolo was like never before as there was plenty eat and drink, music, fun and several moral lessons that was taught by the Heal The Slum Team.

The Adankolo Invasion was proudly supported by Buka Delish, Crest Karaoke Bar, Evergreen Initiative, Tehillah Shelter Foundation and National Youth Council of Nigeria Kogi State Chapter, amongst other good spirited individuals.

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